About Team Nerd Letterpress

About Us

Team Nerd specializes in typesetting wood & lead type and hand-carved illustrated posters and cards. The best way for us to have fun is to make beautiful prints. We design and print small biz cards up to 3 ft tall posters, and everything in between. Big and Small, we do it all!

We carve almost everything at Team Nerd Letterpress, whether it's portraits, figurative work, decoration, text, shapes or backgrounds.  We specialize in creating detailed carvings printed in one or several colors, depending on the project.

The Shop

Our collection of antique wood type consist of 27 drawers of different sizes ranging from one to five inches tall.  The collection originally came from a letterpress shop in Watertown, Wisconsin and dates to the 1920s.  Our collection of antique lead type consists of over 80 drawers ranging in size from 6pt to 72pt.  These cabinets were purchased from locations across Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.

We have four printing presses: a 10x15 Chandler & Price New Series Platen Press, two Showcard Sign Presses, and a 2x3 Sigwalt Platen Press.  We print the bulk of our work on the Chandler & Price.  Anything larger than 10x15 is printed on the Sign Presses.

Other equipment in the shop includes 26x40 Chandler & Price Paper Cutter and a Hammond Trim-O-Saw.